Lease Rental

Lease Rental - Spreading the cost of equipment purchase is the right way to fund your business.

Many companies from the largest multi nationals to sole traders use leasing to acquire equipment. In uncertain financial times money management is ever more important for the well being of your business for the following reasons:

Only a small initial payment is required
Stretching resources to pay outright can result in cashflow problems
Fixed monthly instalments makes for easy budgeting
Protects bank facilities
Manageable instalments mean that more equipment is easily affordable
Equipment can be upgraded

Further leasing benefits also include: 100% Tax deductible payments, no large capital outlay, no large initial deposit & identifiable monthly running costs.

Any photographic equipment can be put onto a lease rental agreement (£1,000 minimum spend applies). If you would like to discuss your particular requirements please contact us at (01793 523332) or (01993 702687)

All lease rental Agreements are subject to status and acceptance - this is a quick and easy process

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