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Nikon DX mirrorless. Where the magic happens.

Capture the beauty that makes you stop with the mirrorless camera that feels at
home in your hands. Bold low-light colours. A familiar pose from an
unexpected angle. Shadow play when the sun is high. The light and agile
Nikon Z 50 mirrorless camera delivers brilliant photos and stunning
movies. It's fast, powerful, and easy to use.

Your kind of perfect
The superb image quality of the Nikon Z 50 will do justice to the way
you see the world. The wide Nikon Z mount lets the camera's large 20.9
MP DX-format sensor capture more light across the frame. And with more
light, comes more detail. Day or night, colours in your photos and
movies are brighter. The depth is deeper. And sharpness is spectacular.

Stay sharp.However you frame it.
Perfectly focused photos
and 4K movies are yours to create. The Hybrid-AF (autofocus) system is
fast, precise, and silky smooth. On-sensor AF points cover 90 % of the
frame (approx.), horizontally and vertically, for superb edge-to-edge
sharpness. Subjects snap into focus whether they're dead centre, off to
the side, or on the move.

Brilliant when the sun goes down
Shoot freely day or night, thanks to an
automatic light-sensitivity range of 100-51200 ISO and low-light AF.
From 3am city scenes to low-light portraits, you'll catch more detail in
the dark than ever before.

Great with people
Candid portraits just got better.
Intelligent Eye-Detection AF automatically focuses on your subject's
eyes, whether they're alone or a face in a crowd. Focus stays sharp even
if your subject moves.

Always discreet, never shy
Your Nikon Z 50 focuses quietly and has a silent photography mode. So,
when friends start asking you to 'bring your camera' to their wedding,
you can capture moments without disturbing the moment.

Timing is everything
If you can see it, you can catch it. Up to 11 fps continuous shooting
with autofocus and auto exposure means you'll get the shots others might

Your kind of movies
Cinematic is easy with your Nikon Z 50. You can record 4K/UHD movies at
30p, and shoot slow-motion footage in Full HD. With no crop-factor
limitations, you get to take advantage of the full width of the camera's
large DX-format sensor. You can also capture still frames while
filming, and create dramatic 4K time-lapse sequences in-camera.

See clearly
The ultra-sharp electronic viewfinder (EVF) lets you see everything
clearly, whether you're shooting stills or video. The EVF can display a
natural image, similar to that of a DSLR optical viewfinder. Or you can
view images as they'll look with settings applied. The view stays smooth
and steady, even when you zoom in to confirm focus.

All the places you go
The Nikon Z 50 is ready to shoot the moment something catches your eye,
and there's a pop-up flash for extra light. The lightweight body is easy
to carry and boasts a strong magnesium-alloy top and front.

Your kind of angle
The large, high-resolution LCD monitor
features smartphone-style touch controls and you can tilt it up or down.
Whether you're shooting video or self-portraits, your angles have never
looked so good.

Your kind of flair
There are 20 in-camera creative effects
for photos and video, and you can add your own twist to all of them.
Simply adjust the intensity when previewing the effect to enjoy results
that are unique to you.

At home in your hands
Once you curve your fingers around this camera's deep grip and start
shooting, you won't want to put it down. Thoughtfully placed buttons and
touchscreen controls make operation a breeze, and the clear, simple
DSLR-style menu system is easy to master. Whether you're new to Nikon,
or just new to Nikon mirrorless, there are no steep learning curves

Get connected
Fast Wi-Fi® and
Bluetooth® connections let you send photos and movies to any device for
storage or sharing. Nikon's SnapBridge app makes it easy to share JPEGs
and movies on the go, or shoot stills and video remotely.

Lenses to adore
NIKKOR Z lenses
are made to shoot photos and movies. Fast, bright, and small, your Nikon
Z camera is compatible with them all. If you've got F-mount NIKKOR DSLR
lenses, the FTZ Mount Adapter lets you use them too.

A system to love
Whether you want
to shoot photos or movies, a world of possibilities awaits. Your Nikon Z
50 connects seamlessly to a host of Nikon accessories, including remote
camera controls, DSLR Speedlights, microphones, and more.


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