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The ZV-1 is designed for content creation with a selfie-friendly
vari-angle LCD screen, body grip and a recording lamp. A directional
3-capsule mic with wind screen picks up your voice clearly with less
wind noise; and the Bokeh switch and Product Showcase Setting make
videos more interesting with less effort.

Vari-angle LCD screen, for selfie shooting with confidence
flip-out LCD screen lets you check your framing for vlogs and selfies
without the view being restricted by accessories like microphones. The
touch panel control makes intuitive adjustment of focus, shutter and
other settings simple, even during selfie shooting.

Directional 3-capsule mic and a bundled wind screen
your voice clearly, even in a crowd, with the built-in three capsule
microphone. The unique design and structure uses spatial filtering to
capture clear audio in front of the camera with fewer distracting
ambient sounds. The included wind screen can also be attached to shoot
outdoors, even in windy conditions, with confidence.

Optimised for easy and natural selfies
ZV-1 is designed for quick and easy vlogging, with an ergonomic grip
for stable selfie shooting, and a bright recording lamp so you'll never
forget to hit record again.

Beautiful and natural skin tones for everyone
enhanced colour science ensures lively, natural imagery and is
especially strong across the diverse range of skin tones. It is
available for both movie and still image capture, and is supported with a
Soft Skin option to smooth blemishes.

High image quality and easy advanced effects
Despite its pocket-friendly design, the ZV-1 is equipped with a large 1.0-type Exmor RSTM
CMOS sensor, for high quality images even in dim or challenging
lighting conditions. In addition, the large sensor delivers
professional-looking images, with a blurred background bokeh, along with
high-speed data readout for stunning 4K and super slow motion video

Compatible with all-in-one Bluetooth® grips
ZV-1 is compatible with our range of shooting grips, including the
GP-VPT2BT with Bluetooth® wireless technology, for easy remote control
of recording, zoom and even assignable custom controls, without cables.
The ideal accessory for vlogging, our grips offer stable and flexible
shooting, and also expand into a mini tripod for compact, handsfree
capture anywhere.

Quickly shift focus between subjects
high-performance focal plane phase-detection AF sensor enables
high-speed and high-precision focusing with Fast Hybrid AF. The sensor
uses 315 phase-detection focusing points across a full 65% of the screen
area to quickly switch between subjects without hunting. When taking a
selfie, the camera can switch focus with just a touch from your face to
the background and back again, so sharp and accurate focus comes easy.

Beautiful defocused background bokeh, with ease
expressive selfies with the professional look of a soft-focus
background. The unique Bokeh Switch (C1 button) bypasses all the
complexity of exposure balancing and depth-of-field control, and
replaces it with a single button. Simply press to switch between having
everything in focus, or blurring the background to expertly feature your

Leave the focusing work to the camera with Real-time Tracking
turn your face to the camera, and the camera will recognise colour,
patterns (brightness), subject distance (depth) and face/eye information
and automatically snap into precise focus tracking. In addition, when
the camera recognises eyes, faces, or subjects, a frame is displayed on
each target so you can make sure that the subject is in focus and shoot
without worrying.

Make your reviews stand out with Product Showcase Setting
your product reviews to a new level of professionalism with the Product
Showcase Setting, for fast and precise focus transitions from you to
your featured product. The C2 custom button activates Product Showcase
Setting by default, deprioritising your face for focusing and widening
the field-of-view. Simply holding a product up in front of the camera
will switch the focus point from your face, so there's no more autofocus
frustration and you can efficiently shoot video reviews with ease.

Smart auto-exposure (AE) transitions, optimised for faces
kind of erratic, in-the-moment, shooting that makes for compelling
vlogging also presents a huge challenge for most cameras. The ZV-1's
clever AE transition algorithm, however, makes rapid exposure
adjustments even as lighting conditions change dramatically, through
shadow and sunlight, indoors and out. And by prioritising faces, it
ensures your video subjects always look their best, even when the
lighting is far from ideal.

Powerful image stabilisation
while walking with the camera, you can get smooth, highly stable
imagery thanks to the SteadyShotT joint optical and electronic
stabilisation system. It's specifically designed for handheld shots and
vlogging with a shooting grip so you'll enjoy the confidence of blur-
and shake-free shots. Instead of holding still, you can concentrate
fully on your presentation and framing.

Dynamic super slow motion
Capture moments from the decisive to the everyday in epic super slow motion

to easily add drama and magic to your videos. With recording frame
rates as high as 960fps, almost any moment can be captured, while
adjustable playback rates let you slow down the action anywhere from 4x
to 40x.

Time-lapse adds cinematic expression to the passage of time
The ZV-1 features an interval shooting mode
ideal for creating cinematic time-lapse movies with the aid of our Imaging EdgeTM
Desktop PC software. The adjustable shooting interval (from 1-60
seconds) and full manual camera control allows spectacular shots of
flowing clouds, streaming headlights and more, across up to 9,999 shots.
Add a mobile battery, thanks to the convenient USB power input, and you
can capture scenes worry-free for hours at a time.

Attach professional accessories with the MI Shoe
unique Multi Interface (MI) Shoe offers incredible flexibility to add
lights, microphones and much more. Not only does it support standard
cold-shoe accessories and flashes, but the interface also allows you to
add high-performance audio adaptors such as the ECM-XYST1M stereo
microphone, with power available direct from the camera.

Create artistic imagery with Creative Style and Picture Effect
Creative Style and Picture Effect settings, the ZV-1 offers a wide
range of looks to add interest and individuality to your video. Creative
Style let you adjust image parameters like contrast and colour, while
Picture Effect adds amazing new character to your images, including a
chic monochrome and a charming miniature effect, among others.

Send videos to your smartphone anywhere with Imaging Edge Mobile
You shouldn't need to wait until you're in front of your PC to share your video and stills with the world. Imaging Edge Mobile,
free for Android and iOS devices, lets you remotely view and control
your ZV-1, and wirelessly backup and transfer images to your smartphone
even with the camera turned off. With Imaging Edge Mobile your images
can be shared from anywhere, without needing to suffer the compromised
image quality of your phone camera.

High quality 20.1MP still image capture
Capture high-quality still images thanks to the 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS sensor and ZEISS® 24-70mm lens. The large sensor and wide F1.8-2.8 aperture lens, along with the
latest-generation BIONZ XT processor, deliver professional-quality
images-with exceptional performance even in low light, and stunning
background bokeh for portraits.

Vertical video tagging for easy sharing
The ZV-1 can add meta tags to vertically recorded video, allowing immediate uploading to mobile-friendly platforms-no PC rotation or cropping required.

Intuitive touch operation
ZV-1's touch screen makes selection of focus and tracking points, as
well as other settings simple, even with the display flipped for selfies
and vlogging-no more fumbling behind the camera for dials and
navigation sticks.

Movie Edit add-on trims movies and extends image stabilisation
Get your shots social-media ready right in the field with the Movie Edit add-on.
Available free for iOS and Android devices alongside Imaging Edge
Mobile, this simple app lets you edit your videos, and crop their aspect
ratio to suit a range of social platforms-with automatic reframing of
your subject. An enhanced image stabilisation tool also further
suppresses any shake from your videos, for butter-smooth motion.

Vertical video tagging for easy sharing
The ZV-1 can add meta tags to vertically recorded video, allowing immediate uploading to mobile-friendly platforms-no PC rotation or cropping required.

Intuitive touch operation
ZV-1's touch screen makes selection of focus and tracking points, as
well as other settings simple, even with the display flipped for selfies
and vlogging-no more fumbling behind the camera for dials and
navigation sticks.

Shoot 4K video like a pro
all the beauty and detail of the world-and yourself-with 4K (QFHD 3840 x
2160) video recording. Thanks to its high-speed sensor LSI, the ZV-1
uses a full-pixel readout, resampling around 1.7x the number of pixels
required for 4K, to condense astonishing detail into each and every

Built in ND filters for precise exposure control
built-in neutral-density filter ensures your exposure is always
optimal, without throwing out any of the creative intentions in your
shutter angle or F-stop. A staple in all professional video
environments, the adjustable ND filter lets you capture blurred motion
and expressive bokeh, where it would otherwise be impossible, such as in
daylight conditions up to EV19.

Support for professional movie-recording workflows
more demanding productions, the ZV-1 supports a range of movie
functions more typically found in professional equipment, including
S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma curves. The wide dynamic range available using
these S-Log profiles is perfect for camera matching and minimising
blown-out highlights or lost shadow detail. Additional options for
Picture Profile and Creative Style are also available, along with
advanced features like Gamma Display Assist, Zebra metering, a Clean
HDMI output with Rec Control, timecode, and Proxy recording. There's
everything a video professional could need in day-to-day work

Grab still images from movies
ZV-1 can capture full-resolution still frames from your recorded movies
in-camera-no PC required. Grab highlights out of any of your videos, or
save time and share a full package of video and thumbnails directly
from the camera.

Imaging Edge DesktopTM
your photography with Imaging Edge Desktop. Use 'Remote' to control and
monitor shooting live on your PC screen; 'Viewer' to quickly preview,
rate, and select photos from large image libraries; and 'Edit' to
develop RAW data into high-quality photos for delivery.

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X
This product is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie


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