Sony FE 12-24mm F2.8 G Master Lens

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Ultra-wide F2.8 12-24mm zoom
At the 12mm end of its range, this 12-24mm constant F2.8 zoom lens offers an ultra-wide angle of view. An innovative optical design works with Sony's advanced XD Linear Motors to deliver outstanding G Master image quality in a lightweight lens that also features fast, precise auto focus, smooth control, and solid reliability.

Bright F2.8 maximum aperture from 12mm to 24mm
The ultra-wide 12mm angle of view available with this versatile lens makes it possible to emphasise distance and create dynamic perspectives that are beyond the scope of the human eye. Expand your artistic palette with deep, engaging visual imagery.

Innovative optics with the largest XA element in any ? lens
Three XA (extreme aspherical) elements, including the largest ever made, combine with one aspherical element in an innovative optical design that achieves stunning G Master resolution throughout the image area. Two Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and three ED glass elements suppress chromatic aberration, and a new Nano AR Coating II minimises flare and ghosting for clear, crisp imagery.

Constant F2.8 brightness
12-24mm zoom with a constant F2.8 maximum aperture is ideal for shooting night scenes, starry skies, and other low-light subjects at low sensitivities without having to use extremely slow shutter speeds.

Ultra-wide angles and large aperture in a small, lightweight zoom
An advanced optical design with four aspherical elements, including three XA types, plus a mechanical design that features Sony's original XD linear motors, in a compact, lightweight 12-24mm constant F2.8 zoom that delivers stunning image quality. In addition to being ideal for landscapes, night scenes, and architecture, this lens provides extra mobility for active sports photographers who shoot wide angles.

XD Linear Motors for fast, accurate AF and reliable tracking
Four XD Linear Motors, two for each of the lens's focus groups, contribute to fast, precise autofocus and tracking that make full use of the speed potential provided by high-performance ? camera bodies. New control algorithms maximise the response of the XD Linear Motor system while achieving flawless synchronisation between the focus groups. Operation is also quiet with minimal vibration.

Control and reliability for professional applications
A focus hold button, focus mode switch, zoom ring, focus ring, and other controls are designed and positioned for easy operation and a smooth workflow. Alternative functions that support the user's individual shooting needs can be assigned to the focus hold button via camera body menu settings. A fluorine front element coating plus a dust and moisture resistant design ensure high reliability in challenging environments.

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